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Cab Suspension

The new John Deere 9RX Series Tractors: Cab Suspension – animation video The 9RX 4-post cab suspension has four coil-over shocks tuned for optimum ride performance in field and transport …read more

Folding 24 row corn head The 24 row 20 inch NorthStar by Geringhoff corn head is the most impressive corn head ever built. Coming in at over 40 feet, it is …read more

Liebherr L 576 2Plus2 during loading

The main features of the wheel loader L 576 III B are cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. In practice, this wheel loader consumes up to 25 %!l(MISSING)ess fuel than comparable machines from …read more

Swamp Loggers - Loggers vs. Beavers

Bobby Goodson is on a mission to tear down a beaver dam, which is clogging up his working area with water, making for unsafe working conditions Comment: American Chainsaw = …read more

Versatile 2425 stayed in mud! versatile tractors can not go without getting mud new holland dismantle . …read more

Gordyville 2016: John Deere 6030 with Tracks on it.

– 11500 King of the Hill Winner: David Guestersloh “Guetersloh Farms”– 87 Light Pro Stock Winner: Kevin Smith “Flirtin With Deerezaster”– 62 Light Limited Super Stock Winner: Adam Spiegelberg “Detonator”– …read more

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Time-Lapse Big Bud Tractor Restoration

This video is a Time-Lapse the first Big Bud tractor on our family farm in Montana. 23,000+ pictures were taken during this restoration from two GoPro cameras over a period …read more